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How to Pay with Bitcoin at a Bitcoin Casino

Bitcoin is now the most popular crypto-currency used across the globe. This currency was first introduced back in 2008 and offered a decentralised way of making online transactions. Bitcoin may have started out small, but it was quickly picked up and has now found a home in many online casinos. There are now numerous Bitcoin Casino sites for you to play on. We thought it would be useful to put together a quick guide for any novice Bitcoin users that tells you how to pay with Bitcoin at a Bitcoin Casino.

How to Use Bitcoin at a Bitcoin Casino

If you’re unfamiliar with the world of crypto-currency, then the concept of Bitcoin can be somewhat intimidating. This is mainly because of the news stories you hear abaout it being connected to shady online activity, but the truth is Bitcoin is extremely safe and secure and pretty easy to use. In fact, it’s super easy to start using Bitcoin as your preferred payment method at a Bitcoin Casino. To get started, you will need to set-up your own Bitcoin wallet. This wallet is actually pretty similar to your physical wallet, however, this wallet will enable you to make super-fast deposits and withdrawals when you are playing your favourite online games! You will like encounter three main wallet variations. These are Blockchain wallets that will be stored on a cloud server. A software wallet that will be stored on your computer and a hardware wallet that can be kept on an external hard drive or USB device.Play bitcoin casino
If you’re looking to buy a significant amount of Bitcoin, we would definitely recommend using a hardware Bitcoin wallet. This type of Bitcoin wallet is the most secure, so it’s ideal if you are particularly security-conscious. Once you have chosen the best Bitcoin wallet for your personal needs, all that’s left to do is fund it! Some people think it is super difficult to acquire Bitcoin, however, there is now a wide range of sites where you can purchase your Bitcoins using popular online payment methods like debit/credit cards and multiple e-wallet systems. Again, if you’re looking for the most secure option, an e-wallet is your safest bet. This alternative payment method will provide an added layer of security encryption for any online transactions you make. To receive your newly acquired Bitcoins, you simply need to supply the casino site your Bitcoin wallet address and your funds will be sent to you. You will then be ready to start playing at your favourite Bitcoin Casino site.

Funding Your Bitcoin Casino Account

Once you have added funds to your Bitcoin wallet, you will need to find a Bitcoin Casino that caters for your personal gaming needs. This casino will include their Bitcoin wallet address in the banking section of the site, so you know where to transfer your newly acquired Bitcoin funds. It really is that simple! Plus, the withdrawal process at a Bitcoin Casino is also super quick! This process works in much the same way as the depositing process, with the only difference being that the Bitcoins will be transferred from the casino to your personal Bitcoin wallet.